Webber Gallery

The Webber Gallery

We have a small gallery space here at the office that hosts local emerging and established Artists’ works.
This has been a long hoped for phenomenon that Janice has been very glad to see come into fruition.

First established as the BBTC Gallery, it became The Webber Gallery in January 2015.
The gallery is located at 24 Frances Street in Dartmouth, the rear entrance.

Featured Artists’ works will be on display for 1 month.
The Artists’ work will also be available for purchase.

The Gallery caters to paintings, photography, pottery and other handicrafts.


Gallery Hours:

Monday – Wednesday & Friday, 10:00am – 5:00pm

Summer Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 10:00am – 5:00pm





April 2016

Artists Bev Gorsline and Holly Vale of Sea-duced Beach Treasures have a display of seaglass art, bottles of seaglass and hand-painted t-shirts.




The Webber Gallery is pleased to announce the sale of three paintings by our current Artist on display.




Gallery - April 2016

Gallery Archive

April 2016: Bev & Holly

April 2015: Janice Webber

November 2014: Gwen Paquin
September – October 2014: Janice Webber
August 2014: Gwen Paquin
July 2014: Verna Bradley
June 2014: Janice Webber
May 2014: Sandra Harrison
April 2014: Joan Meloni
March 2014: Laurie Davidson
February 2014: Mary Lou Whitehorne
January 2014: Judith Newman

December 2013: Audrey Curran
November 2013: Vivian Hall
July – October 2013: Janice Webber
June 2013: Al Horne
May 2013: Audrey Curran
April 2013: Vivian Hall
March 2013: Janice Webber
February 2013: Mary LouWhitehorne
January 2013: Vivian Hall

December 2012: Audrey Curran
November 2012: Fyre Jean Graveline
October 2012: Janice Webber
September 2012: Janice Webber
August 2012: Kerry Fraser
July 2012: Katie MacNeil
May/June 201: Evan & Kris Rudic
April 2012: Sandra Harrison
March 2012: Janice Webber
February 2012: Evan & Kristofer Rudic




Janice Webber – Artist

Janice Webber has been working in watercolour, oils, acrylics,
as well as drawing since she was a teenager. She started doing formal studies in 2003.

She is a member of the Dartmouth Visual Arts Society since 2006 and is
very excited to be part of the new Webber Gallery at 17 Prince St., Suite 202 in Dartmouth, NS.

Janice has also been enjoying photography since a teenager and has studied
with photographer Gordon MacGowan. She has also fallen in love with pottery
since her return to Nova Scotia in 2006.

She has great fun working with the clay and carving it to see what emerges.

Click here to view Janice’s art work

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