Take the Osteoporosis Canada Quiz: Know Your Risk

From Osteoporosis Canada:

“With osteoporosis, danger can lurk in unexpected places. Unfortunately, breaking a bone is often the first sign.

Osteoporosis Canada has created a video campaign demonstrating that everyday places and spaces are “danger zones” and present an increased risk for those living with osteoporosis.

Many Canadians simply don’t know if they are at risk and in response, Osteoporosis Canada has launched the Know Your Risk tool.

This simple quiz can help identify personal risk factors and help Canadians work with their doctors to protect their bones.

Do you know your risk?

If you have not taken the quiz, do so today.

If you have taken the quiz, take a moment to share this with friends and family members and help them know their risk of breaking a bone from a disease that affects 2 million Canadians.

Together, we will help make Canadians unbreakable.”

And check out the video on YouTube:  Facing Osteoporosis

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