Leaky Bladder Syndrome – Part 2

Treatment often involves manual therapy to realign the pelvis, back, and/ or hips,  to release restrictions in the pelvis and lower back, and exercises to strengthen the weak pelvic floor muscles, lower abdominals, and lower back. Some physiotherapists use machines to help the muscles regain their function.

Some women may also have the problem of pelvic floor pain. This can be assessed and treated by the physiotherapists who have a keen interest in urinary problems.

The bladder is a muscular organ which is hollow so that it can hold the urine produced by the kidneys. When full it then contracts and the urine is excreted, this is called urinating.

A human being usually has bladder control at around 3 years of age, on average. From this age forward, a person will have no problem controlling their urine unless they are caught short (you have tried to hold your urine for too long and you no longer can control the need to go), have a bladder infection, have had an injury that puts stress on the bladder muscle which makes it not function properly, have a medical condition which affects that bladder or their mobility, or have just recovered from a total hip operation.

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